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Home owners stay informed and connected

Working with the Champagne Professional Team has many advantages. Our system is fully automated and provides real-time information. Homeowners receive an instant email notice each time a new reservation is made displaying their net rental income along with other information. Rental revenue funds are electronically transferred to bank accounts each month along with a detailed monthly statement. Owners can access their individual accounts both on our web site and with the phone app to view revenue summaries and profit statements for any period of time. Year end reporting is made easy with a “last year’s P&L report” that can be accessed any time.  Champagne Vacation Rentals provide equally exceptional services to both guests and owners!

Making the change from self-marketing or other property management is easy

The professional team at Champagne Vacations will handle everything from transferring your current account, website, and reservations – to preparing your home for an unforgettable Champagne Vacation experience. Your future guests will love working with a professional team and enjoy the trademark safety and comfort of a Champagne Vacation Home.  Let us handle it!

Your guest will experience the Champagne Difference

Travelers will enjoy our state-of-the-art 24/7 secure online reservation system, which allows them to book not only your home but also their flights, rental vehicles, and a la carte concierge services. Our Travel Advisors are real people who are always available for assistance and information about Champagne Homes and the island of St. Croix. From condos to luxury villas, complimentary airport pick-ups to personal chef arrangements, we offer a full vacation experience rather than a simple lodging.  Your guests can elect for grocery pre-stocking, maid services, dinner reservations, and more from our Concierge Team, who will always guide them to best dinning and activities on the island. Our goal is to exceed a 5-star experience for every guest.

Performance-based fee for vacation rentals

We believe in earning your business.  Champagne Vacation Rentals is a performance-based company. Our fee is based on a percentage of the rental amount and includes our full service through the Vacation Rental Cycle. Fees start at 18%.

Optional Service-Home Care Assistance 

As a fellow vacation rental owners, we know the difficulties in finding a license & insured repair contractor in the USVI. Insuring their work is completed at a fair price is sometimes impossible from a distance. Our home owners ask for our help and we responded by creating a Home Care Assistance (HCA) department. We want you to have peace of mind that your valuable assets will remain just that, valuable.


Optional Service-Home Inspection Plans

With our Home Inspection Plan, you can relax knowing that your home is check by a qualified inspection technician who is reporting issues before they become a major problem. CVR’s Home Care Assistance department works with license and insured service contractors to perform the inspections, review invoices and process payment

Optional Service-Hotel Tax” preparation and payment

With strict VI IRS guidelines favoring in-person payment, you’ll be glad for Champagne Vacation’s Hotel Tax Service. The mandatory Virgin Islands Hotel Tax is paid for by each guest and does not affect your rental income.  The Virgin Islands Internal Revenue Service requires the tax to be paid monthly.  Penalty for late payment is 15% the first month and 25% the second month.  In stark contrast to the “island time mentality,” the VI IRS does not consider postmark dates, and takes tax payment very seriously. Therefore, it is advisable to hand deliver the tax form and payment.

Optional Service-Professional Photos and Staging

St. Croix is home to stunning views and picturesque tropical scenes, attracting a notable density of skilled photographers. Being the local resource for all things champagne-taste related, we employ only the best of the best to stage and capture the beauty of each Champagne Vacation Rental property. This service is highly recommended. Studies show that photos are the number two reason travelers inquire about your home; excellent, alluring photos can increase booking by up to 30%. Videography may also be added to this service.

Optional Service-Guest Arrival Service

This is the service that guests can’t stop talking about! Performed by our Concierge Team, Home Prep and Guest Arrival includes a visit to your home prior to each guest’s arrival. Depending on the weather, we turn on the air conditioning or throw open the windows, always including the fans to circulate the air. We check the TVs and turn on the Wi-Fi. The entire home is double-checked for cleanliness and a welcome gift package is prepared for the vacationers. The Concierge Team then travels to the airport to meet your visitors and help them acquire a taxi or rental car before escorting them to their home away from home. Your guests are then treated to a full tour of your home, including tutorials on all equipment and services including Wi-Fi passwords, remote controls, and guard gate access. Relevant association and locale tidbits, including current events, are shared to inspire a dream vacation. Our Concierge Team know and love the island, and are privy to all the local secrets and happening scenes, so they can guide your guest to the best adventures, tours, restaurants, and other attractions on the island. This is the Elite Service your guest will love and a beautiful start to your 5-star review.

Becoming a Champagne Home

Champagne priorities:  safety for guests and protection for homeowners.  Before the first guest arrives, our team inventories your home and inspects your safety equipment, including eliminating safety hazards and checking smoke detectors.  Your home will be stocked with the perfect amount of freshly laundered linens and amenities as well as equipped with all fire-department recommended safety items.  Both guests and owners can breathe easy, knowing Champagne takes care of their safety and your liability.


Increasing Your Rental Revenue and Return on Investment

St. Croix may be a small island, but Champagne Vacation Rentals has big capabilities.  We bring worldwide marketing and current technology to our homeowners.  Your vacation rental listing is prepared with stunning professional photos and top-level listing copy before being uploaded to the rental market. Some properties are experiencing two to four times the rental income of previous management or self-marketing.  One reason for our abundant success is our use of the integrated global marketing network which includes Booking.com, HomeAway, HomeAway Luxury Rentals, VRBO, Vacationrentals.com, Villas.com, Expedia, Airbnb and many others.  The combination of these marketing partners along with our own top-rated website and competent social media management allows your vacation home to be viewed by millions travelers each month.

Join the team!

Contact us today to schedule an in-person or online meeting to review St. Croix’s vacation rental market. Let’s discuss how to increase your rental income while maintaining your home to the high standard it deserves.

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